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Fri Nov 19 21:00:35 UTC 2021

I never experienced speech being cut off in the middle of any update or install 
here, but I didn't try installing 35 either. I installed 34 without any issues 
at all, then updated to 35 alpha and then to rawhide. All went as expected, and 
I actually find this to be the smoothest running OS I've used, with the possible 
exception of Arch ... after it's installed and all the manual configurations are 

Installing to an external drive does require that the boot loader not be 
installed. There is a checkbox to install the bootloader, and you can untick 
that before installation.

Regarding braille, this may in fact be a problem that I haven't tested yet. I 
can't be certain of what is causing the problem, but if I find it, I'll report 
back here. Fedora did get the latest version of brltty less than 24 hours after 
it was released, but I'm not sure if that fixed any problems or caused new ones. 
I do have a display I can use to test things and try to get things working, and 
I do have a Fedora account, so I should have no trouble reporting any bugs I find.

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