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Wed Nov 24 01:16:15 UTC 2021

Just chiming in here, as this question wasn't directed at me,, but this would be 
my answer ... just my opinion, but taken from a primarily technical perspective.

RPM packaging format, a plugin-based modular package management tool along with 
graphical package management, the copr system including semiautomatic serverside 
builds, the choice of a release cycle or a rolling release model, snapd and 
flatpak installable from official repositories or installed by default, not a 
derivative distro, far more software applications available from all of system 
repositories, third-party repositories that can be added easily, snapd, flatpak 
and copr repositories, all the newest software versions with support for the 
latest compilers, toolchains and system libraries, no need to hold back new 
upstream software because a toolchain or compiler is out of date, broad and 
diverse community support, systemd, which I happen to like, and Pipewire and 
Wireplumber installed by default, although these do still have their bugs. I'm 
sure there's more I'm not mentioning, but these are the best parts of Fedora 
overall. Many distros, especially derivatives, just can't keep up with the 
latest upstream compilers and such ... from what I've been reading, even Arch 
has some trouble with this. Maybe some of these things can cause potential 
breakage of older software, but this is why Fedora does have the choice between 
the 6-month release cycle for its stability and the rolling release model that 
is especially good for those of us who like to live on the bleeding edge.

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