More Fedora ISO weirdness

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Thu Nov 25 15:02:34 UTC 2021

Since you do get sound on the Fedora 34 iso, one thing you may try is using the 
34 iso to chroot into your installed system and installing pulseaudio there. 
First, lsblk to find your hard disk, than do something like
sudo mount /dev/sdxn /mnt
where /dev/sdxn is the hard disk where Fedora was installed. Note that it may be 
called /dev/vdxn if running in a virtual machine. Now you can run
sudo chroot /mnt
dnf install --allowerasing pulseaudio
You can press control+d here to exit out of the chroot, and then you can restart 
the machine and boot from the hard disk. If all went well, you should get sound 
using pulseaudio instead of pipewire and wireplumber.

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