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Fri Nov 26 00:21:54 UTC 2021

Got around to giving this a go...and Fedora's fallen over because, 
amusingly, the F34 .iso doesn't have a working chroot in this downnload?

All I'm getttting is no bash or bash/bin messages when following along. 
I can mount the file systems fine. I just can't chroot into it...this is 
with Fedora Workstation 34 as well, since I figured I'd give it another shot

On 11/25/21 15:02, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Since you do get sound on the Fedora 34 iso, one thing you may try is 
> using the 34 iso to chroot into your installed system and installing 
> pulseaudio there. First, lsblk to find your hard disk, than do 
> something like
> sudo mount /dev/sdxn /mnt
> where /dev/sdxn is the hard disk where Fedora was installed. Note that 
> it may be called /dev/vdxn if running in a virtual machine. Now you 
> can run
> sudo chroot /mnt
> dnf install --allowerasing pulseaudio
> You can press control+d here to exit out of the chroot, and then you 
> can restart the machine and boot from the hard disk. If all went well, 
> you should get sound using pulseaudio instead of pipewire and 
> wireplumber.
> ~Kyle
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