What is the easiest and most accessible editor?

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Thanks Didier for Flatpak addition to slint. After reading the 
you referred to, my opinion of Flatpak did not change: while the 
complains about disk space etc, I think every package management
system--whether on Linux or whichever OS--has its own setabacks 
just as
its own strengths. The appeal of Flatpak for me is the ability to 
updates if your distro has not yet updated. As for me, Slint is my 
day platform at home or work, but there are some applications that 
have failed to run because drivers for Slackware are either 
outdated or
not found. So Flatpak Has managed to resolve some of my personal 
for the past seven months or so. I just believe that someone's 
might be my own remedy: its a colourful world anyway as my next 
will demonstrate.

So, back to the issue of text editors: thanks Tim for pointing the
pros and cons of different editors. For instance, while Kyle might 
issues with Emacs, I respect his own opinions and some strong 
about it.

Here I use it as my primary editor. That extensibility through 
which some  find problematic as an editor trying to be everything 
everyone, is what appeals to me, particularly factoring its

A case in point where I find Emacs
powerful is that at my work I often do data analysis. I need a 
statistical package, so I use R. I could of course use it on the 
line, but I prefer working in a window where I can easily review 
inputs and outputs in real-time. So using the ESS package manager, 
I do
not have problems with accessibility. I can copy results as plain 
print reports, load datasets from other statistics packages plus 
other tasks without consulting a pair of eyes.

Like what I said, I do not have a computer science degree. Emacs, 
like vim, both come with a detailed documentation, so for me any
programme with good documentation is a winner. I may read such
documentation as a book or refer to it any time I run into a 
and will only ask on a mailing list when I run out of ideas and 
documentation is of no help.

At the same time, I
understand anyone who might not be comfortable with Emacs' 
and interface: this is the beauty of diversity. A close friend of 
hates emacs to the core, but personally I find it ludicrous to be
emotional about text editors. They are just here to help us do 
things we
care about: just to be productive at our workplaces at learning

Warm regards,


On Tue, Nov 30, 2021 at 02:22  Linux for blind general discussion 
<blinux-list at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi Ibrahim and All,
> no Micro is not provided by Slint (yet). I learned its existence 
> today
> <smile>.
> I have built flatpak and pipe-viewer and also its GUI 
> gtk-pipe-viewer
> (not fully
> accessible, but nice).
> It took me more time than anticipated, but expect a big batch of 
> updates for
> Slint tomorrow (37 packages, including the many dependencies of 
> file
> viewer).
> I did some reading and tests with flatpak, and wouldn't 
> recommend to use
> that,
> especially if space on disk is a concern.
> Worth reading about that:
> https://ludocode.com/blog/flatpak-is-not-the-future
> However, "chose promise, chose due" as we say here, a flatpak 
> package
> will be
> available for Slint users tomorrow.
> Cheers,
> Didier
> Le 30/11/2021 à 00:30, Linux for blind general discussion a 
> écrit:
>> Thanks a bundle for all of you folks. I did not know how much 
>> of a
>> discussion my innocent and naive question would generate. I 
>> learned a
>> lot from your answers. Although I have never messed with 
>> configuration
>> files since the days of the autoexec.bat in the days of dos, I 
>> think I
>> have enough courage to play with changing some configuration 
>> settings
>> using some of the editors you suggested.
>> I launched few of them both in the desktop and in the terminal 
>> and I
>> found geany and nano to be easy. I did not find Micro, I guess 
>> it is not
>> preinstalled on slint.
>> I know that my editing needs would be very basic.
>> Cheers,
>> Ibrahim
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