What is the easiest and most accessible editor?

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I agree, and although I know you're not saying this, I would say that I don't think this discussion has turned into any editor wars. I've found it just a good discussion on the options out there and their relative merits of each.

BTW, I do tend to like applications that let me get started quickly, but in the case of Emacs with Emacspeak, the benefits are so important to me that it was worth the learning curve. It's also a bit of a misnomer to think of Emacs as just a text editor. For example, it can be used as a file manager, a development environment, a personal organizer and more.

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I tend to find the editor wars, as well as the browser wars, console wars, various fandom wars, etc. to be rather silly, but I'll say this

I prefer tools I can jump right into with minimal foreknowledge and be able to do the basics within minutes, learning how to use more advanced features as needed, and if I need to do more than read through the output of -h or --help to get started, I'm most likely going to start searching for an alternative tool for what I'm trying to do.

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