What is the easiest and most accessible editor?

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Tue Nov 30 21:36:22 UTC 2021

Regarding Micro, I think it's pretty young as text-mode text editors
go, and if memory serves, it first showed up in the Debian
repositories earlier this year, and best I can tell, is available in
the current Debian Stable, but not oldstable. I can find its website
via Google, but I can't find any information on when its initial
release was, and best I can tell, it isn't included in Wikipedia's
list of text editors.

Though, considering the age of these things(best I can tell, both
emacs and vi date back to the 1970s while pico is a comparably spry
32), predating Windows rise to dominance and the shift of personal
computers from tools of science and business and toys of the geeks to
everyday, household fixtures, it makes me wonder what the thought
process of the original developers was like to give rise to ways of
doing things that, decades later, seem esoteric to anyone who haven't
been doing things that way for years. And honestly, it isn't just text
mode text editors as several other applications that have been around
since the days when command line was the dominant UI also have
keybindings that differ from what someone raised in the GUI would
expect. Firefox is the only graphical application I use, and one
reason is that most of the text-mode web browsers I've tried have
alien keybindings(other big ones being how many websites just don't
work due to text-mode browsers lagging in support for JavaScript,
HTML5, and other rich web content, and Orca's navigational hotkeys
just being too darn useful to give up and making me wonder how past me
got by without them back when I could see).

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