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Fri Oct 8 00:01:38 UTC 2021

But, that was when Mint offered only Cinnamon.  Mint Mate's layout is
very nice; take a look.  One caviat:  You have to use orca's mouse
features to read and activate the buttons on the bottom panel, such as
battery and wifi status.  They're on the bottom panel, right of the
notification area.  You can tab to the panel. A nice feature of the menu
system:  hit the 'super; key and start typing. You'll get an incremental
search of application names and descriptions, and pages in the control
center gui.


Dave  H.

Running Trisquel GNU/Linux on his shiny new laptop. 

On 10/7/21 7:56 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> mint mate?
> I thought mint had never been workable.

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