Any suggestions of what distro of Linux I should load onto a new computer?

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Tue Oct 12 12:12:25 UTC 2021

A huge +1 for Fedora MATE. I have it running on two computers here, one 
is not mine, and it works great. Orca comes with it, and you can run a 
full install after pressing alt+f2 to open the run window and then 
entering the word orca. Wifi generally works out of the box, though the 
NetworkManager applet that controls it doesn't tell you what it is. 
Still, you can just hold the alt and control keys and double tap the tab 
key to get to the top panel, then shift tab past the toggle button and 
press the enter key to bring up the menu that has your wifi connections. 
There's not much more to tell other than it's a great OS, not just for 
learning, but for daily use, and one of the computers in the house that 
is running it is even being used for gaming and live streaming. If you 
need to dig deeper into the guts of the system, it allows for that as 
well. I for one highly recommend the Fedora MATE spin.


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