Dragonfm questions/NNN query

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Fri Apr 8 16:41:02 UTC 2022

So I gave it a shot and it feels logical and well laid out, for the most

BUt I'm struggling on a few things. I have it going and want to unzip an
archive from within it. In NNN I can just do that and work with atool. I
can't seem to find the keys to start extracting an archive or how
Dragonfm handles that at all, Ive only found unextract with ^(U in the
config, which I've no clue what it translates to in terms of actual keys
aside from ctrl and U. It's the ( I'm stumped on

See my main gripe with NNN is if I use it in a terminal I have to hit O,
w3m and c to open an html doc in w3m else it loads up in Firefox. Now
granted I've not tried it on a pure TTY but...on a terminal, xdg-open
overrides browser being set as an environment variable

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