mailing list privacy, etc.

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Fri Apr 15 10:45:08 UTC 2022

Tim here.  Kyle said

> If there is a way for the administrator of this list to just remove
> the email address, or set it to the list address as it is now, but
> still show the name of the sender, this would be very much
> acceptable

If I recall from the time when the change happened, this was a
limitation of the mailing-list software.  The admin's chioces were

1) show sender names *and* email addresses (and have list-members
suffer the spam that came with it), or

2) obscure both the email address *and* the name (which is what we
have now).

There was no option for obscure-the-email-address-but-not-the-name.

But yes, if that could happen, I think it would make a lot of people
on this list much happier. (smile)


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