anyone use dreamhost?

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Fri Dec 23 20:49:51 UTC 2022

Hi Joel,
At least I know it is not just me, so thanks for that.
my last exchange with dreamhost about the subject leading to my asking 
here, was that no accessible alternatives are provided at all.
Its frustrating for me personally, the  organization for whom I work have 
a nonprofit  gifted account, meaning dreamhost takes a tax deduction for 
those in the sector using their services.
However little things like the control  panel, needful to manage services 
are, it seems, a closed door.
That the GUI  door is also challenging is quite concerning.
Joyous holidays to you as Well,

On Fri, 23 Dec 2022, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Hi Karen,
> I use dreamhost. The GUI panel currently requires several
> CAPTCHA photo challenges before you can log in.
> I suggest you contact support at and ask
> what accessible alternatives they have to the GUI panel.
> Good luck and happy holidays
> Joel
> On Thu, Dec 22, 2022 at 11:53:06PM -0500, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> If so, how are you logging into your control panel in command Line Linux?
>> Even elinks fails now.
>> Worse yet, their shell provides links the chain, and it does not work their
>> either.
>> Thanks,
>> Karen
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