Remaining DecTalk Issues in Speakup?

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Tue Feb 1 15:28:11 UTC 2022

Hi All: Several days ago I asked something similar in the Speakup list, but I 
guess maybe this may be a great place to inquire? Last Thursday evening I had 
to restart my Debian machine after 130days. Kernel jumped from 5.10 to 5.15 03. 
First thing I noticed was a 4second delay in the DecTalk was back until I 
ajusted flush-time 
to 100. I think back last September I was able to set this at 10, much easier 
to scroll-and-listen to content. Please consider allowing a 10 setting. Next, I 
bet this involves caps-start-and-stop? If I type or read any capital letter, 
the next item will say a "p" on top of what ever that symbol or even a space. 
So as an example, a capital i followed by a space will say "i p space" This is 
`extremely challenging to read charactor-by-charactor. I looked-and- caps-start 
is set at 160-and-stop is 100. Sure pitch rises on capitals but its these extra 
p's which are in my way. Next, now once again insert2-and-3 for pitch are 
broken. And eventually I will create an audio file to send Samuel to 
demonstrate that just out of the blue, while reading/scrolling, volume, rate, 
and pitch drop suddenly. These have been occurring ever since 2003 when the 
DecTalk drivers joined Speakup. Is Speakup an only console screen-reader with 
DecTalk support? While Fenrir has many more options, I have not heard of it 
support DecTalk?
And lastly on another topic, did something change involving ssh, as now if we 
enable openssh server, any1 can login to my system without any authentication. 
Obviously until we find out how to fix this, its turned off, but maybe since 
last September Debian may have changed something. I would very much appreciate 
suggestions on all of these items. Thanks so much in advance.

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