Remaining DecTalk Issues?

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Sure, we can voice about that.
Where are you from? What timezone you live there (just for time scheduling)

About the keyboard layout. Well this is completely configurable. I don’t use an screenreader, so i do not really know speakups shortcuts. The current layout is made by storm_dragon. So yes it’s doable, but not the case by default. If someone creates a layout similar to speakup i will of corse push it upstream master.

The dectalk stuff looks also very simple. If the emackspeak server won’t fit, i can hammer an python backend.

Cheers chrys

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> Thanks Chris: Not only would I love to try this, but ideally it would be easier if I could connect with you or another Fenrir expert by phone or on Zoom. I know nothing about Emacs, but just running an EmacsSpeak server is what I wanted to try in Speakup, but either it didn't work or I didn't know what I was doing? Now, just as important, in Fenrir, could I run a Speakup style keyboard configuration? It would certainly make a possible transition easier. I mean, the fact of Fenrir having a pronunciation dictionary as well as an easier way of ajusting volume are rather apealing. Thanks so much in advance
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