Coqui TTS has blew my mind!

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Fri Feb 11 15:32:56 UTC 2022

First off, no one is projecting their choices onto anyone else. You are 
the one who hijacked this thread and made it something it never was 
intended to be. After this hijacking took place, we provided 
work-arouds, possible solutions and real-world scenarios that could 
help, but you still say we are projecting our choices onto others. No, 
we are simply working with things as they are. As it turns out, text 
mode is full of inconsistencies and is severely limited in what it can 
do. The good news is that unlike Microsoft and other too big to fail 
tech giants, no one takes any of this away if it's what you like. And if 
you don't like the way it works, it can certainly be changed to suit 
your specific needs. Once again, it is not the fault of the standards 
bodies who try to be sure things work as well as they can on the most 
software, and it is not the fault of web developers who do their best to 
comply with standards. It is simply limitations and non-adherence to 
open and free standards in the browsers you are choosing to use, which 
can and should be overcome at the software level. If you don't like 
something, fix it or propose the necessary changes. It's that simple.


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