Launching a GUI Web browser and Orca from a console?

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Fri Feb 11 18:42:03 UTC 2022

Hi Brandt,

I tried this:
1. create a file "command" with this content:

orca &

Then I typed from a tty:

xvfb-run sh command

I could hear orca start and present the firefox window but do not know a way to
interact with firefox from the tty...

There is the Selenium project:
and you can install the Python language bindings for Selenium WebDriver typing
as root:
slapt-src -i selenium
but this is more to build tests of browser interactions, not really what you are


Didier Spaier
Slint maintainer

Le 11/02/2022 à 17:31, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I know this is doable, but have never actually done it myself.
> I am looking for either a script,  or the info I may need to write my own, to
> launch any of my GUI web browsers with Orca, without actually starting up a
> desktop, Mate, Gnome, etc, or first starting up a WM, weather Fluxbox or ratpoison.
> If anyone could please point me in a direction, I'd appreciate it.
> I actually need this for work, my clients like calling on Google Duo. Why, I
> have no idea!
> Warm regards,
> Brandt Steenkamp
> Sent from the Slint console using Alpine

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