How do you customize the way punctuations are pronounced in Orca?

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Mon Feb 14 01:24:57 UTC 2022

Victor Borge had a routine in which he "pronounced" assorted punctuation marks.  You might find this amusing, if not necessarily useful.  For one thing, he doesn't get into braces, brackets, equal signs, and so forth.

In the following video clip, Victor uses hand gestures to trace out the shapes of the punctuation marks, but the audio track should suffice.  The section on punctuation starts about four minutes in, but it may be useful to start at the beginning, in order to get a feel for his speaking style, sense of humor, etc.

Victor Borge "Phonetic Punctuation" on The Ed Sullivan Show

- Rich Morin

> I know you can switch between the usual All, Some, etc, I want to
> control how punctuations are pronounced, e.g. '!' can be spoken as
> "explanation mark," "exclaim," or "bang," When I am writing code, I
> like to hear the punctuation, but shorten it as much as practical.
> This makes code easier to read IMO. Is there a configuration file that
> will allow me to make these changes?
> Amanda[0]

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