How do you customize the way punctuations are pronounced in Orca?

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Mon Feb 14 06:43:33 UTC 2022

> On Feb 13, 2022, at 22:04, someone (?) wrote:
> The YouTube video that was linked was hilarious... though that guy's
> system for pronouncing punctuation doesn't seem very practical...
> Though, now that the subject has been raised, I'm noticing quite a few
> discrepencies in how some punctuation is spoken by Orca versus SBL and
> how often it isn't the monosyllabic way*carat versus circumflex at
> versus at sign, number versus hash, vertical bar versus v-bar...
> Making as many punctuation marks monosyllabic as possible would be
> nice.

FYI, the "number versus hash" problem is much worse than you might think. It's often called a "pound sign" in the US, because 5# is read as "five pounds".  However, "pound sign" means something entirely different in the UK, where it refers to a currency symbol.

IIRC, the technical name for "#" is "octothorpe", but I doubt that anyone would want their computer to announce it in that fashion :-).

- Rich Morin

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