Accessibility of installing Distros?

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Tue Feb 15 19:47:17 UTC 2022

Hi all,

As most of you probably know, the calamares installer is the "most 
popular", (more like, "most often used") installer for Linux distros.

Last I checked, and yes, I must admit, that was a while ago, the thing was 
not at all accessible. Is that still the case?

I know that Ubuntu broke their installer, but Fedora's "Anaconda 
(Spelling) installer" and the TUI installers for Slint and Debian still 
work, as well as installing Arch in which ever way you choose to do so.

What other options do we, the Blind Linux users have? And, no, I really 
don't count Ubuntu spins, (Mint, Trisquel, PopOS, Accessible Coconut, 

Warm regards,

Brandt Steenkamp

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