Voting: Which game would you like to have on Linux?

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Fri Feb 25 13:03:44 UTC 2022

Hello list,

right now, I'm developing a version of my RTK library for Linux.

RTK is basically a set of various functions, which should significantly
easen up my future work.

And in order to test it before using it in serious projects, I decided
to build few "minigames", as:

a. I need to get a better grip of packaging for Linux and

b. We currently lack a lot of these.

I already have AudioGo, a blind accessible version of the ancient
Chinese board game, in a pretty finished state.

The question is, what logical minigame would you like to see next?

The choices I'm considering right now are:

* Minishogi

* Arimaa

* Othello

* Connect four

* 2048

* Sudoku

* Minesweeper

* Wordle perhaps? I didn't check yet whether the official version is
accessible or not.

If any of these games already has an open-source accessible Linux native
version, please let me know, I'm not aware of it.

Also, if you have suggestions for other interesting games I might have
forgotten, feel free to suggest.

Just note, that the suggestion should:

a. Be simple to fulfill, these are projects just to test out a library,
not long-term projects. Generally, all I expect of these games is to be
able to launch, start a new game, save a game progress and exit, plus
some basic settings. Nothing more, may be I'll add a game export option
to the board games, but that's all.

b. Should be a logical game. I.E. one where you use your logics to win.
The reason for this is in the first place my personal preference, but
also the fact that Quentin Playroom already covers many card games and
similar stuff, so they don't need an immediate addressing.

Final note, if you don't know some of the games mentioned in the voting
list, please, I would greatly appreciate if you took the time and
checked out at least their basic description and rules.

Linux itself is among the less recognized desktop operating systems
compared to the mainstream, and yet, many of us on this list simply love it.

So, why not to give a chance to a game you might not have known, but
that can turn out to be really interesting?


Best regards


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