Voting: Which game would you like to have on Linux?

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Sun Feb 27 21:43:50 UTC 2022

You know, while Radio's hayday was before my time and I was never big
on boxing, that actually sounds like an awesome auditory aesthetic to
go for... and now I'm imagining some noir-inspired audio adventure
where a slightly edited recording of a game session could pass for an
episode from an oldschool radio serial, simulated microphone/antenna
static included... I also kind of wonder how much of the Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Galaxy text adventure from Infocom could be converted to
an audio game using snippets from the original radio show and how much
would need to rely on TTS or require recording new dialog.

A fully voiced version of the original Zork trilogy that also
modernizes them some(say, along the lines of resetting puzzles you've
rendered unsolveable whenever the player dies, destroyed important
items respawning, the lantern regaining some charge after a grue eats
you and you respawn, a way to force a respawn at a safe spot if you
get trapped with no way out, etc... perhaps with a hardcore or
masochist setting that restores all the ways you can render the game
unwinnable through even the smallest mistakes)...

But this is going way off the original topic...

More in the vein of the kind of games this thread was originally
about, an accessible version of Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack/Puzzle
League, Bejewelled, or another rearrange random pieces on a grid to
make n-in-a-row game would be cool... There's also this logic game I
remember, forget what its called, but the version I played was
Alchemy-themed... you were given a random alchemical symbol in a
random color and had to place it on a 10*10 grid so it was adjacent to
a symbol that would match in shape or color. each symbol placed would
cause the square it was placed on to turn from lead to gold, filling a
column or row would make the pieces vanish to free up space, and the
goal was to turn the whole board gold. There was a forge meter that
slowly filled over time, and you could discard a piece you can't find
a place to put it, but it would add a decent chunk to your forge meter
and the game ended if the forge ever overflows. I think each time you
completely turned the board to gold, the fill rate for the forge would
increase, and there would be more distinct symbol/color combinations
to deal with. Probably a good candidate for a move around board with
arrows, enter or spacebar to place the active piece if the highlighted
square is a valid spot to put it.

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