Voting: Which game would you like to have on Linux?

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Mon Feb 28 19:32:12 UTC 2022

I have some interest in Go... started with me reading Hikaru no Go in
Viz's version of Shonen Jump back in the day, and I own a Go board,
though sadly, I've long since lost the stones that came with it and
the grid lines are just printed on... and the most I've ever had the
opertunity to play was some training games on a 9*9 board.

I also have an interest in other classic abstract strategy games like
Checkers(Draughts to the Brits if I'm not mistaken), Chess,
Othello/Reversi, Chinese Checkers, though its been what feels like
forever since I've had anyone to play face-to-face...

And speaking specifically of Othello, one of the dorms at the school
for the blind I attended for most of my K-12 education had a really
nice set that I wish I could find...

The game pieces consisted of three parts: black plastic with a ridged,
concentric circle pattern, white plastic with a smooth surface, a
small disc magnet that fit between the two pieces of plastic, which
snapped together. And the magnets all alinged so they stack with the
same orientation. There were also black plastic cases with rounded
sides that each held two stacks of 16 pieces. The board had green
painted metal squares the magnets would stick to, an embossed grid of
black lines, the squares just barely wider than the diameter of the
game pieces... also the board was thick, the play surface maybe an
inch about the table top, and the board folded in half, shut with
magnets, and the bottom of the board had two cut outs that the piece
containers could be stored in. Closed it was maybe 5"*10"*2", and
overall, I would say it was perfectly designed both for portability
and blind play... throw in a set of 32 fridge magnets to block off
half the squares, and it could have doubled as the perfect
portable/blind friendly checker set(could have played checkers with it
as is, but making the checkering of the board more obvious would help
avoid illegal moves on to "red" squares... Still, would love to own a
set like that... two distinct armies of chessmen with magnetized bases
would be nice too.

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