Running a Linux VM on Windows and making it talk?

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Thu Jan 20 12:55:22 UTC 2022

On Thu, Jan 20, 2022 at 01:48:58PM +0200, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>Once you have it running, you can use control-g to switch the keyboard to the
>Oh and do not install the enhanced keyboard driver that VMWare offers,
>apparently it causes big problems with Windows screen readers.

I am also using VMware player and Workstation Pro on Windows 10 for linux 
guests and generaly I am very happy with this kind of setup. I've activated 
the enhanced keyboard drivers from VMware and I can not say that they cause 
problems with NVDA or Jaws, but maybe I just do not notice them :-). What 
kind of problems are this? Do you have any examples?

TBH I do not even know what the enhanced keyboard driver does... If it 
rellay causes problems maybe I should also uninstall it...

>I've not tried running a GUI under VMWare, but I don't expect any issues.

I've done it and its working like it installed on a normal machine.

BTW.: Have you managed  to copy content from the Windows clipboard into a 
console of the linux guest or do you know if this is possible by using just 
the keyboard? Is this what the enhanced keyboard driver is necessary for? 
And is tere a way to copy the content of the clipboard from the Linux guest 
to the Windows host?

In general I am very happy with the setup and running a Linux guest on 
Windows with VMware, but exchanging content between the two systems could be 
easier, especialy for the content stored in the clipboard.



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