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If you use archinstall to install archlinux archinstall now has a pipewire
profile.  It will be interesting to find if archlinux on bare metal using
pipewire runs into sound problems.

On Thu, 27 Jan 2022, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
Endeavouros also uses pipewire but with pipewire-media-manager if memory
serves and that could have been some of my problem.
Also Endeavouros has no accessibility software on their install isos.

> I have been told that Fedora 35 has sound issues in virtual machines. It
> appears it always works on bare metal, but virtual machines get no sound
> in 35, and 34 sounds pretty choppy. As far as I am aware, Fedora is the
> only Linux distribution using Pipewire along with Wireplumber by
> default, which could somehow be causing problems in virtual machines. I
> tried these here on an already running Fedora system and got similar
> results, but only in virtual machines, so I can verify that this is a
> problem, at least with Qemu.
> ~Kyle
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