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Fri Jan 28 12:28:26 UTC 2022


instead of
sha256sum slint64-
please read:
sha256sum -c slint64-

Le 28/01/2022 à 10:22, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> Hi Rob
> Didier, Slint maintainer here.
> A few questions below:
> 1. Did you check the integrity of the ISO after having downloaded it?
> For this you need to download both the ISO and the checksum:
> wget
> wget
> Then this command:
> sha256sum slint64-
> should give this output:
> OK
> else, redo the downwloads.
> 2. Which vitrualization software are you using?
> wrt sound and speech, the best is by far Qemu, which is available for MacOS:
> However I can't test, as I do not own a Mac.
> 3. When asked if you wanted to have speech during installation, did you press
> "S" as suggested? Else you will have no speech going further.
> Other that that, two tips if you loose speech during installation
>  (although this should not happen):
> a. press the key PrintScreen which toggles espeakup on/off
> b. go to another console pressing Alt+F2, the press Enter to activate it, then type:
> /etc/rc.d/rc.espeakup restart
> then go back to the installer pressing Alt+F1
> All this being said you will be way better off installing on a removable drive
> than in a VM. This can be an USB connected SSD, hard disk, or even an USB stick,
> possibly enclosing an SD card, or an SD card directly connected to the main
> board (bur caveat; not all firmware allow to boot from a SD card if not in an
> USB enclosure). All these solutions allow dual booting with your existing
> system, which will stay untouched.
> Cheers,
> Didier
> Le 28/01/2022 à 04:15, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
>> Trying to install Slint on a VM.
>> I get speech up until I choose auto setup.
>> As I type the word auto, the letter A is echoed, but the u t o and the enter key is not. There is no more speech after that.
>> Thanks,
>> Rob
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