How Can I Fix this Error?

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Thu Jun 9 16:02:15 UTC 2022

Hi All: I am in Debian SID-and-I update daily. For maybe 2years I find alot of 
value in a program called "rdrview" which like similar applications in other OS 
provide a rather un complicated view of articles on web-pages, without  those 
lengthly tool bars. Anyway, you can run it as an external in L Y N X. Well, 
certainly no idea which update broke this, but now I get a cryptic message
"futext fascility returned an unexpected error"
In searching, others have gotten this error for other programs, but I didn't 
really see any solutions. Running "locate futext" only come up with an item in 
kernel 5.9 sources, however, I am currently in 5.17 all though if I were to 
reboot, I would be in 5.18. So, can any1 please suggest how to correct this error? What 
we did in some cases where programs depend on Python, are running them in a 
vertual envirenment. Thanks so much in advance.

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