Snap, Flatpak and/or AppImages?

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Sat Mar 5 15:00:53 UTC 2022

     Images are generally used for new installation or live boot such as 
for repair disks.  Package managers are best to add, remove, or update 
an already installed system.  I think whoever started this thread 
doesn't understand that you need to use the correct tool for the job you 
are trying to accomplish.

If your already installed system doesn't have an editor or a game you 
want to use, then the package manager allows you to add it. Redhat uses 
the 'rpm' package manager, and other distributions choose different tools.

On 3/4/2022 5:08 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> So it does seem then like appImages are the way to go. It sounds like 
> we get the absolute best of every possible scenario in this seemingly 
> antiquated but actually highly innovative portable app technology. Why 
> oh why do we have people saying that flatpak is the future, or worse, 
> snapd is the future, when we have appImages that are highly portable, 
> and can even be sandboxed in much the same way, but are much more 
> versatile owing to the portability? It's really nice to be able to put 
> all the appImages I need on a USB drive and just use them on any Linux 
> computer. I guess the one drawback I can see is the update problem, 
> where most don't update themselves, but having repositories and 
> appImage managers available would seem to resolve that issue, also in 
> a highly portable way.
> ~Kyle
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