new listmember. Trying to get Jenux installed

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Sun Mar 20 09:28:08 UTC 2022


I'm new here. I'm also new to Linux at least in terms of what I know 
about it. I've done very minor experiments on it off and on for a few 
years but just enough to be dangerous.

Right now I'm trying to experiment with Jenux. I downloaded a very 
recent iso


How do I install it? I'm installing it on a very low powered Atom D2550 
based Mini ITX slim Intel Desktop Board. Powering it from an admittedly 
hilariously overpowered 400watt fanless seasonic power supply that cost 
more than this board by nearly twice, because I ripped this board out of 
an old nettop I upgraded for someone and I've been using it for Linux 
experiments. For storage I have a 160gb Toshiba MK something or other 
out of an old Asus EeePC904ha netbook from about 2007. I can force 
booting from my USB by unplugging the SATA cable from the Toshiba drive.

It's a dual core hyperthreaded 1.8ghz 64bit capable, piece of 3watt 
minisculity from 2012 with 1gb of single channel memory, mounted on a 
Mini ITX Bamboo test bench, sitting in the bottom of my first desktop I 
ever owned from 2003 so that the wires for the power button on that case 
can be used to jump the power pins on this board. It runs Debian Mate 
well enough. But I forgot my password and I'm currently reinstalling 
that but I may turn right around and install Jenux if I can figure out 
how to do it. I tried already but while it seemed to be making plenty of 
electronic noise for quite a long time, it never spoke anything. I had a 
USB Audio Class device connected and a pair of wired headphones plugged 
into the audio out jack.



Aaron Spears, AKA Valiant8086 General Partner at Valiant Galaxy Associates "we make (VERY GOOD AUDIOGAMES) for the blind comunity"

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