Accessible front ends for Pleroma?

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Sat Nov 26 14:55:37 UTC 2022

I first got pipenv installed using pip3.9 on slint then installed toot.
To run toot, I do pipenv shell first then run toot.  I haven't joined
mastodon yet I need to figure that out.  Nearest server to me appears to
be but I have to research that server.  What I don't
know and maybe it is possible is how to configure toot so it also gets
access into pluroma as well.
I used pipenv install toot to install toot.  I couldn't do it with spi on
slint since it needed packages slint hasn't yet got and a version of
beautifulsoup which is old on slint.

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On Sat, 26 Nov 2022, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Oh it sounds like you want something like an app rather than a web front end
> for a server. Sorry I misunderstood your question. Pleroma as I recall can use
> anything that Mastodon can use as a client. That said, desktop clients for
> these things tend to be harder to find. It appears to be easier to find phone
> apps. On a desktop, your best bet may be the website of the server you join.
> Most phone apps, at least on Android, appear to work with Talkback pretty
> well, though it's worth noting that although I run my own Friendica server,
> which does have Mastodon/Pleroma compatibility, I haven't tried a lot of the
> Android apps just yet, as I find that the website serves my needs well enough
> here, but of course your mileage may vary, especially if you're trying to join
> a Pleroma server, which can have any number of front-end web services. I still
> recommend trying the various clients you see, and look at the client list for
> Mastodon as well, since the API's that clients use are said to be the same for
> both.
> ~Kyle
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