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are all files that can be used to configure a console log-in for a
given user, but not everyone has all or even any of these files.

I personally only have a .bash_profile file, and it only has three lines in it:

The first line deletes .bash_history, clearing my command history.
The second configures my command prompt so it consists only of the
number of the active tty and a dollar sign instead of the typical
user at host /path/to/working/directory $ prompt that is so common and
wastes a lot of time being read by my screen reaer.
The third adds the directory where I store my personal bash scripts to
my path so I can launch them from anywhere.

I don't know if there are any format requirements for .bash_login, but
it sounds like you don't have one, and the cinfguration suggested
might be as simple as creating a new text file in your editor of
choice, adding the suggested lines and nothing else, saving it as
.bash_login, and then logging out and back in.

I'm also not sure what the functional difference between
.bash_profile, .bash_login, and .bashrc is.

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