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Tue Oct 11 14:19:52 UTC 2022

Hi Steve,

Other users might not agree with me, but I'm talking about the 
experiences I had. I'm a developer too, and Linux is a daily routine for 
me. Or I would say I can't live without a Linux server 😊

I had tried different  Distros, but none of them worked for me. 
Especially I Miss the NVDA and its feel on Linux. Yes, there is Orca 
exist, but that's not production ready I feel. But that's my observation 
others have their experiences too 😊

Now, what I'm using personally is I have windows 10 Pro and VMWare 
player 16 (Non-Commercial Version).

I've made a VM using Debian 11.3 and configured it according to my needs 
and choices. Then, I enabled SSH access in the VM and now can easily use 
it over SSH on my Windows Command Prompt and SFTP with File Zilla.

And this works like a charm.



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