Turning off screen in Linux

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Tue Oct 18 18:26:00 UTC 2022

Dark Mode should be a standard feature on Smartphones, but that any
phone has such a feature is better than I expected. Do you happen to
recall the make of that older phone? I picked the Moto G Power 2022
for my learning experience as the model line has a reputation for
being good, entry-level phones with close to stock android, the kind
of battery life where you aren't screwed if you forget to charge it
every night, and based on a few positive reviews of prior models from
users on this and other Linux accessibility adjacent mailing lists,
but so far I've only really gotten around to completing the Talkback
Totorial and figuring out where they hid the SD slot(there isn't a
standard SD slot per se, but a tiny drawer you need to use a pinhole
eject button to get at it. Its like they tried to make using memory
cards on this thing as inconvenient as possible short of having to
disassemble the phone).

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