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> There is probably an easier way of doing this.. but after a bunch of
> emacs editing.. here is the Wishlist as of 20080406. I wanted to send
> this to the devel list to remind people of requests and to start a
> discussion on what we can do to shorten this in the future.

Perhaps another mass mailing at some point? 
Not too often, but every 6months or so for people who didn't answer any
of the previous attempts?

>                                Package Wish List
>    The following lists contain software people would like to see
>    packaged up and maintained for EPEL.
> An EPEL maintainer is meant to be someone who is able to patch and
> code the source code to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5
> Packages that lack a EPEL maintainer

> dbh                        Disk based hash       Owners were mailed
> 071210 library

Not sure who wanted this... I orphaned it in Fedora. 
It used to be used by Xfce, but isn't anymore... 

> Heartbeat subsystem   To be added later. heartbeat
> for High-Availability nirik Linux

I could look at adding heartbeat. It's in ok shape in fedora now. 
Note that it's in centos-extras now as well. 

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> leafnode                   Leaf site offline     Owners were mailed
> 071210 NNTP server

I can look at this one as well. (since I maintain it in Fedora)

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> mediawiki                  A wiki engine         Fedora maintainer
> needs EPEL maintainer

This one would be very nice to get an epel maintainer... 
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>                            Network-wide graphing nirik
> munin                      framework
>                            (grapher/gatherer)

Waiting on just one more perl module. ;) 

I'm also working on Xfce... perhaps soon I will have that all ready to
go. ;) 

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