Fedora EPEL Package Build Report 2008-04-16

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Thu Apr 17 05:58:38 UTC 2008

On 17.04.2008 04:02, buildsys at fedoraproject.org wrote:
> Packages built and released for Fedora EPEL testing/5: 31
> (!) amarok- : INVALID build results, not published!
 > [...]

FYI, I'll hope to prepare the next EPEL5 testing -> stable move later 
today (now that the EPEL push problems we had yesterday got fixed; thx 
for your help mschwendt) and plan to realize it on Monday morning CEST.

That's a bit later then usually -- sorry for that, but in fact I didn't 
look at the calendar in the past few days much and thus missed that 
there was the middle of the month (and thus moving time for EPEL5) already.


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