2008-12-01 meeting

Kevin Fenzi kevin at tummy.com
Mon Dec 1 17:30:12 UTC 2008

Not many folks around for meeting today. ;( 

I suspect monday mornings at 16:00 UTC have grown increasingly bad for
folks. ;( 

Can we look at moving to another time again perhaps?

I'll include the short irc meeting log here. 

Dec 01 10:02:56 <nirik> who's around for the EPEL meeting? 
Dec 01 10:03:04 ---     nirik has changed the topic to: EPEL meeting - Init process
Dec 01 10:03:37 <--     drago01 has quit (Remote closed the connection)
Dec 01 10:04:26 *       mmcgrath is here
Dec 01 10:04:57 <mmcgrath>      nirik: happy monday
Dec 01 10:05:26 <nirik> yeah. :) I was out traveling... my mailbox is nicely full. 
Dec 01 10:06:47 <nirik> mmcgrath: do you know when dgilmore is likely to be around again? 
next week? :) and BTW, congrats to him... 
Dec 01 10:07:21 <mmcgrath>      nirik: I suspect he'll be around, just sporatically.
Dec 01 10:07:52 <nirik> ok. I would like to try and figure out the epel_signers pushing is
sue and/or a workaround for it... 
Dec 01 10:08:14 <mmcgrath>      no doubt
Dec 01 10:09:35 <nirik> well, if it's only us two here, not sure how much sense it makes t
o meet. ;) Perhaps we should look at shifting meeting times again, as this time seems part
icularly bad for a lot of folks. 
Dec 01 10:10:56 *       quaid is here, with some small networking problems
Dec 01 10:10:58 *       nirik will wait a few more min and then close out and post to the 
list about possible new meeting times. 
Dec 01 10:11:10 *       abadger1999 sits in the cheap seats
Dec 01 10:11:12 <nirik> morning quaid 
Dec 01 10:11:18 <quaid> nirik: morning
Dec 01 10:12:01 -->     drago01 (n=linux at chello062178124130.3.13.univie.teleweb.at) has jo
ined #fedora-meeting
Dec 01 10:12:57 <nirik> ok, I guess we have a few people here, so we can try and touch on 
Dec 01 10:13:08 ---     nirik has changed the topic to: EPEL meeting - Stable push
Dec 01 10:13:24 <nirik> I can ping dgilmore and see if he can do a stable push... should b
e done around now. 
Dec 01 10:13:42 <nirik> he already preped it. 
Dec 01 10:13:51 ---     nirik has changed the topic to: EPEL meeting - Build system
Dec 01 10:14:06 <nirik> I assume no new news on koji changes?
Dec 01 10:15:35 <dgilmore>      nirik: i said ill be doing it friday
Dec 01 10:15:49 <nirik> morning dgilmore. And Congrats!! :) 
Dec 01 10:15:56 <nirik> ok, friday sounds great. 
Dec 01 10:17:01 ---     nirik has changed the topic to: EPEL meeting - moving forward from
Dec 01 10:17:30 <nirik> So, do we have any goals moving forward? or just increase the pack
age/maintainer count as we can? 
Dec 01 10:19:19 -->     spoleeba (n=one at fedora/Jef) has joined #fedora-meeting
Dec 01 10:22:49 <nirik> ok, lets just wrap up I guess and discuss on list... ;) 

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