2008-12-01 meeting

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Tue Dec 2 09:46:42 UTC 2008

On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 10:30:12AM -0700, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> Not many folks around for meeting today. ;( 
> I suspect monday mornings at 16:00 UTC have grown increasingly bad for
> folks. ;( 
> Can we look at moving to another time again perhaps?

Before that painful exercise :), I'd like to hear from steering
committee members about what doesn't work for this current time.  For
example, mine are:

* Case of the Mondays

* It's a mildly awkward time for me (~9 am any weekday is when I am
  interacting with children, bringing them to classes, etc.; Monday is
  the least awkward.)

* I'm bad and I forget.

- Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener
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