Odiecolon repo for EL5

Radu-Cristian FOTESCU beranger5ca at yahoo.ca
Sun Jul 5 09:35:33 UTC 2009

> > I beg to opine that it fails.
> That might happen. Especially if to many people start
> their own repository instead of contributing to RPM 
> Fusion. 

Well, I'm mostly a lonely guy and I used to be a distro 
hopper. I even switched to XP for my home systems for 
almost half a year, disgusted by the poor QA in most of
the distros. I only went back to CentOS as a *compromise*
-- you know, CentOS-5 is the new WinXP.

I don't think this makes me appropriate for a RPM Fusion
contributor, eh?

> That is because we look for somebody to do be kind of
> "release engineer". Nobody really stepped up yet and 
> RPM Fusion is thus for now careful to officially 
> announce support for EL & EPEL.
> But iwth a bit of help it can get runing properly in
> one or two weeks afaics.

Well, I still won't use something with almost everything
in "testing". (And I 'liked' the way KB almost called me 
an idiot when I mentioned that centos.karan.org has
everything for 5 in "testing" since 2007.)

> Can be done, just needs somebody to take care of it. The
> Fedora maintainer of vlc even showed a bit of interest 
> iirc. Ohh, any mplayer is in the testing repos

Yes, I know MPlayer is there. VLC is not.

> And you expect people to trust your brand new repo more?

NO. When have I said that?

> How many contributors does it have? 

Zero to one.

> What will happen if one or two of them (you for 
> example) get married, one or two childs and a new
> exhausting new job over the next few months that 
> leaves spare time to nearly 0 hours a week?

Well, Ubuntu and openSUSE are always there, if Fedora is
borken :-D

> Then help RPM Fusion instead of competing with RPM Fusion

But... would RPM Fusion include weird things such as GIMP 2.3.15
as the last pre-2.4 version that builds without the need to 
upgrade GTK+? (2.3.15 is really almost 2.4 in functionality, which
is tremendously improved over 2.2.13.)

I bet not. So I will still need my repo for this kind of stuff.


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