building packages for mirrormanager

Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Wed Jul 7 21:08:57 UTC 2010

I've been building packages that are in the dep chain for
mirrormanager today.  I either used what was committed after the mass
branch, or if I knew devel/ had a "better" version, bumped to that.

python-httplib2-0.4.0-4.el6   2010-07-07 20:33:07   complete
python-dns-1.8.0-1.1.el6      2010-07-07 19:42:36   complete
python-basemap-data-0.99.4-2.el6	 2010-07-07 19:40:07 complete
python-GeoIP-1.2.5-0.2.20090931cvs.el6	2010-07-07 19:27:00 complete
python-IPy-0.70-1.el6	2010-07-07 19:25:17	complete
py-radix-0.5-6.el6	2010-07-07 19:17:27	complete
mirrormanager-1.3.5-1.el6	   2010-07-07 19:02:09	complete

python-basemap will get built pending a newRepo job completion.

FWIW, I also built some other packages I maintain.

aiccu-2007.01.15-7.el6		   2010-07-07 18:58:58	complete
dkms-		   2010-07-07 18:57:02	complete
ttywatch-0.14-13.el6	   2010-07-07 18:17:08	complete


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