epel beta report: 20100730 changes

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Fri Jul 30 01:19:29 UTC 2010

Compose started at Fri Jul 30 01:00:41 UTC 2010

New package Terminal
        X Terminal Emulator
New package Thunar
        Thunar File Manager
New package aspell-en
        English dictionaries for Aspell
New package clamav
        End-user tools for the Clam Antivirus scanner
New package dbench
        Filesystem load benchmarking tool
New package eclipse-phpeclipse
        PHP Eclipse plugin
New package exo
        Application library for the Xfce desktop environment
New package fonttools
        A tool to convert True/OpenType fonts to XML and back
New package fvwm
        Highly configurable multiple virtual desktop window manager
New package gnome-gmail
        Make Gmail an option for the default Gnome mail handler
New package gtk-xfce-engine
        Port of Xfce engine to GTK+-2.0
New package hippo-canvas
        A canvas widget
New package htmldoc
        Converter from HTML into indexed HTML, PostScript, or PDF
New package htmlparser
        HTML Parser, a Java library used to parse HTML
New package hwloc
        Portable Hardware Locality - portable abstraction of hierarchical architectures
New package libstroke
        A stroke interface library
New package libx86
        Library for making real-mode x86 calls
New package libxfce4menu
        A freedesktop.org compliant menu implementation for Xfce
New package libxfce4util
        Utility library for the Xfce4 desktop environment
New package libxfcegui4
        GTK widgets for Xfce
New package mm3d
        3D model editor
New package mozilla-adblockplus
        Adblocking extension for Mozilla Firefox
New package orage
        Time-managing application for Xfce4
New package perl-Authen-PAM
        Authen::PAM Perl module
New package perl-Carp-Always
        Warn and die in Perl noisily with stack backtraces
New package perl-Config-Simple
        Simple configuration file class
New package perl-GD-SecurityImage
        Security image (captcha) generator
New package perl-Module-Find
        Find and use installed modules in a (sub)category
New package perl-Net-FTPSSL
        Perl module for FTP over SSL/TLS
New package perl-Test-Perl-Critic
        Use Perl::Critic in test programs
New package perl-XML-TokeParser
        Simplified interface to XML::Parser
New package php-deepend-Mockery
        Mockery is a simple but flexible PHP mock object framework
New package python-Levenshtein
        Python extension computing string distances and similarities
New package python-bugzilla
        A python library for interacting with Bugzilla
New package python-dirq
        Directory based queue
New package python-fontMath
        A set of objects for performing math operations on font data
New package python-jinja
        Sandboxed template engine
New package python-kitchen
        Small, useful pieces of code to make python coding easier
New package python-robofab
        Reads and writes UFO font files
New package python-simpletal
        An XML based template processor for TAL, TALES and METAL specifications
New package sagator
        Antivir/antispam gateway for smtp server
New package shigofumi
        Command line client for accessing the Czech Data Boxes
New package skychart
        Planetarium software for the advanced amateur astronomer
New package spacechart
        A 3D star-mapping program
New package tcl-mysqltcl
        MySQL interface for Tcl
New package trac-monotone-plugin
        Monotone version control plugin for Trac
New package trac-tracnav-plugin
        Navigation Bar for Trac
New package txmpp
        A C++ XMPP library
New package xfce-utils
        Utilities for the Xfce Desktop Environment
New package xfce4-appfinder
        Appfinder for the Xfce4 Desktop Environment
New package xfce4-dev-tools
        Xfce developer tools
New package xfce4-mixer
        Volume control plugin for the Xfce 4 panel
New package xfce4-panel
        Next generation panel for Xfce
New package xfce4-session
        Xfce session manager
New package xfce4-settings
        Settings Manager for Xfce
New package xfconf
        Hierarchical configuration system for Xfce
New package xfdesktop
        Desktop manager for the XFce Desktop Environment
New package xfwm4
        Next generation window manager for Xfce
New package xfwm4-themes
        Additional themes for xfwm4
New package zeromq
        Software library for fast, message-based applications
Updated Packages:

* Wed Jul 21 2010 Dan Horák <dan[at]danny.cz> 3.4.2-1
- upgrade to upstream version 3.4.2

* Sat Jul 24 2010 Jussi Lehtola <jussilehtola at fedoraproject.org> - 1.44-1
- Update to 1.44.

* Thu Jul 29 2010 Dennis Gilmore <dennis at ausil.us> -
- wrap fedora-cert in try except 
- fedpkg fixes
- require python-kitchen on EL-4 and 5

* Wed Jul 28 2010 Jesse Keating <jkeating at redhat.com> -
- Test rebuild

* Wed Jul 28 2010 Jesse Keating <jkeating at redhat.com> -
- Patch for sources generation in builders

* Wed Jul 28 2010 Dennis Gilmore <dennis at ausil.us> -
- Fix checking for unpushed changes on a branch

* Wed Jul 28 2010 Jesse Keating <jkeating at redhat.com> - 0.5.0-1
- New upstream release for fedpkg production urls
- Various fedpkg fixes

* Wed Jul 21 2010 David Malcolm <dmalcolm at redhat.com> -
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Python_2.7/MassRebuild

* Mon Jul 26 2010 Ray Van Dolson <rayvd at fedoraproject.org> - 1.0.1-1
- Rebase to upstream 1.0.1

* Tue Jul 27 2010 Robert Scheck <robert at fedoraproject.org> 3.3.5-1
- Upstream released 3.3.5 (#618586)

* Fri Jul 23 2010 Steve Traylen <steve.traylen at cern.ch> - 0.1.0-5.20100214svn209
Rebuild for activemq-cpp .so increase

* Wed Jul 21 2010 David Malcolm <dmalcolm at redhat.com> - 0.1.0-4.20100214svn209
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Python_2.7/MassRebuild

* Mon Jul 26 2010 Michel Salim <salimma at fedoraproject.org> - 1.2.1-1
- Update to 1.2.1

* Sat Jul 24 2010 Jussi Lehtola <jussilehtola at fedoraproject.org> - 6.2.11-1
- Update to 6.2.11.

* Tue Jul 27 2010 Dan Horák <dan[at]danny.cz> 1.6.1-1
- update to upstream version 1.6.1

* Thu Jul 22 2010 Dan Horák <dan[at]danny.cz> 1.6.0-3.1
- don't build docs on EL <= 5

* Thu Jul 22 2010 David Malcolm <dmalcolm at redhat.com> - 1.6.0-3
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Python_2.7/MassRebuild

* Thu Jul 15 2010 Michel Salim <salimma at fedoraproject.org> - 0.9.3-1
- Update to 0.9.3

* Mon Jul 12 2010 Michel Salim <salimma at fedoraproject.org> - 0.9.2-2
- Add COPYING file to emacs-vala

Added Packages: 60
Removed Packages: 0
Modified Packages: 10

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