EPEL Meeting minutes 15-Nov-2010

Mark Chappell tremble at tremble.org.uk
Mon Nov 15 21:45:34 UTC 2010

   1. Rolecall (tremble, 20:32:44)
   2. Agenda items... (tremble, 20:35:03)
   3. Broken Deps (tremble, 20:37:59)
         1. epel5 stable is now in a much better state (tremble, 20:40:24)
         2. nirik hopes to work on epel4 stable over the next couple
of weeks. (tremble, 20:40:59)
         3. nirik will ask around and see if we can get the script
running regularly and updating a web page somewhere... (tremble,
         4. AGREED: All EPEL 4 packages with broken deps will be
pulled over the next week or 2 as nirik has time. (tremble, 20:53:04)

   4. RHEL-6 (tremble, 20:53:43)
         1. It's finally reached GA! (tremble, 20:53:54)
         2. builders are updated with final bits. (nirik, 20:54:47)
         3. it looks like most of the "workstation-optional" packages
that were causing problems are available for server (tremble,
         4. Hopefully there should be a way (RSN) for tibbs/nirik to
check the validity of EPEL branch requests. (tremble, 21:14:53)
         5. we previously agreed that we'd wait for CentOS 6 and then
switch EPEL from its "beta" mode. (tremble, 21:16:13)
         6. ACTION: tremble Try to find the time to run the script to
ask maintainers to build any unbuilt EPEL6 packages. (tremble,

   5. Bugs (tremble, 21:19:14)
         1. 200 EPEL bugs found ... (tremble, 21:19:30)
         2. Hopefully with RHEL6 now GA we should be able to close off
a load. (tremble, 21:19:51)

   6. Open Floor (tremble, 21:22:12)
         1. ACTION: nirik to post the EPEL-devel about when we want to
come out of beta. (tremble, 21:29:45)

Meeting ended Mon Nov 15 21:38:06 2010 UTC.

Minutes (text):

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