EPEL6 moving from Beta to release status soon.

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Tue Jan 11 21:33:21 UTC 2011


Just a heads up that EPEL will soon be moving it's EPEL6 branch from
the Beta mode (like rawhide) that it's been in to a release mode (like
EPEL4/5 are). (I have cc'ed Fedora's devel-announce here as there may
be people not on the epel-devel list that might find this of interest). 


2011-01-13 - Have any builds you wish done before release done. After
this point you will need to request a package be tagged into the stable
or testing repos or wait until bodhi is up for EPEL6. 
2011-01-14 - EPEL rel-eng will work on composing and moving things
around. This may include untagging packages that have broken deps, or
moving them into testing, test composing, etc. Hopefully we can mirror
out trees. 

2011-01-16 - Maintainers encouraged to check new trees and help with
wiki prep, etc. 

2011-01-17 - Bodhi will be enabled for EPEL6 and things will move to a
release mode: All packages spend 2 weeks in testing or +3 karma, bodhi
is used for updates, buildroot overrides are required as usual. 

2011-01-18 - RELEASE DAY. Help with press release or announcements
would be welcome. 

Work/help needed: 

- Would be great if someone could make us a press release and had a
  way to distribute it out. 
- We need work on our wiki pages. A EPEL6 FAQ would be very nice. 
- Maintainers need to determine what packages they want to ship for
  EPEL6. If you do not want to ship whats there now, please untag it
  before thursday. 

Feel free to drop by #epel on freenode or drop an email to the

Thanks for all the work folks, and enjoy EPEL6!

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