[et-mgmt-tools] On HVM in virt-manager

Henry Zhang Hua.Zhang at Sun.COM
Wed Jul 18 14:05:55 UTC 2007

Hi there,

When I run virt-manger 0.4, and try to create the HVM guest, I noticed
there is option for OS Type, if I want to install Solaris, I think I
should select UNIX, then in OS Variant, I can see only Solairs 10 and
Solaris 9. And in fact Solaris have Nevada, it's the developing HEAD
Solaris, if I would like to install it, which I should select?

My understanding to HVM is that we can install any OS without any
change, if this machine have special CPU, so why we need to select the
OS Type/Variant? If I don't select both OS Type and variant, is it ok? :)


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