[et-mgmt-tools] On HVM in virt-manager

Hugh Brock hbrock at redhat.com
Wed Jul 18 14:31:49 UTC 2007

Henry Zhang wrote:
> Hi there,
> When I run virt-manger 0.4, and try to create the HVM guest, I noticed
> there is option for OS Type, if I want to install Solaris, I think I
> should select UNIX, then in OS Variant, I can see only Solairs 10 and
> Solaris 9. And in fact Solaris have Nevada, it's the developing HEAD
> Solaris, if I would like to install it, which I should select?
> My understanding to HVM is that we can install any OS without any
> change, if this machine have special CPU, so why we need to select the
> OS Type/Variant? If I don't select both OS Type and variant, is it ok? :)
Hi Henry.

We added the os-type/os-variant parameters primarily to let us do tricky
things that certain OSes need to boot fully-virt. For example, Win2k
will only boot with acpi=off and apic=off in the guest config. There is
a dictionary in python-virtinst/virtinst/FullVirtGuest.py which has the
rather arbitrary os-type/os-version parameters we included, along with a
few flags.

Selecting "Generic" or "Unix/Solaris 10" will work fine for you, but we
would happily take a patch that adds whatever variants are appropriate
for Solaris right now.

Take care,

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