[et-mgmt-tools] koan --virt error

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Fri Jun 1 15:10:27 UTC 2007

Hennessey Daniel wrote:
> Michael,
> Maybe I should just tell you the symptoms and let you tell me what the
> problem is.
> >From virt-manager I can access the the two guests that I installed
> through virt-install with a nice terminal that works perfectly. These
> are both in run level 3 (no X). The ones that I created using koan I
> have to use the serial console option from virt-manager which is painful
> to use.
> The line that I have to comment out in the kickstart file for koan is:
> "xconfig --driver "fbdev" --resolution 800x600 --depth 24"
> So I assume that for the non-koan installed guests, we are using the
> frame buffer console (which is v nice). 
> I know that I am not being unix hardcore by eschewing the serial option
> and it is only a cosmetic thing but if it could be sorted I would be a
> very happy hacker.
> Cheers
> Dan

Basically virt-install allows creation of "graphics" settings for the 
virt guests, though koan
isn't creating any at the moment, assuming you'll only be using xm 
console and SSH.

I can get your VNC added to koan, not a problem... though it will 
require a small software
change in koan (work pending) to do it.

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