[et-mgmt-tools] koan --virt error

Hennessey Daniel Daniel.Hennessey at aah.co.uk
Fri Jun 1 15:03:40 UTC 2007


Maybe I should just tell you the symptoms and let you tell me what the
problem is.

>From virt-manager I can access the the two guests that I installed
through virt-install with a nice terminal that works perfectly. These
are both in run level 3 (no X). The ones that I created using koan I
have to use the serial console option from virt-manager which is painful
to use.

The line that I have to comment out in the kickstart file for koan is:

"xconfig --driver "fbdev" --resolution 800x600 --depth 24"

So I assume that for the non-koan installed guests, we are using the
frame buffer console (which is v nice). 

I know that I am not being unix hardcore by eschewing the serial option
and it is only a cosmetic thing but if it could be sorted I would be a
very happy hacker.



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Hennessey Daniel wrote:
> Michael,
> Thanks for your prompt reply, you were spot on. I set the selinux 
> policy to "permissive" in "system-config-security" and now all 
> proceeds as expected. No reboot required.
> I can now install xen guests using koan.
Sure, this will be fixed and released shortly so you'll be able to leave

SELinux on. I'll send an email to the list once that's done.
I obviously don't want to imply everyone should run with SELinux off 
just to get koan to work :)
> One problem I have now is that the install fails if I include the 
> "xconfig" in the kickstart file as the xen instance doesn't have a 
> graphical display.
> Does koan call virt-install to do the actual install? If it does then 
> it is just a matter of including the "--vnc" switch in the command 
> line.
It's using virtinst, which is the library behind the virt-install app.

> What do you suggest?
I'll see about adding a graphics option to koan.
As I was primarily targetting servers/datacenters, this was left out 
originally, but it's easy to add and ought to be there.
> TIA and FYI I am really excited about the potential of using cobbler 
> to provision our real and virtual servers. I am also trying to work in

> puppet for centralised configuration. This could be the answer to all 
> my (and my employers) prayers.
> Exciting times indeed thanks to you and all the other OSS workers out 
> there
You're welcome, thanks for the feedback.
> Cheers
> Dan

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