[et-mgmt-tools] About keeping the cdrom in the permanent XML for a guest after install

Nobuhiro Itou fj0873gn at aa.jp.fujitsu.com
Thu Jun 28 09:07:46 UTC 2007

Hi, Hugh

I have an opinion about the following corrections.

I think that this correction has added the procedure to the Linux guest user.
In case of Linux, if installation is finished, the cdrom (/dev/cdrom) is not necessary.
The user has to detach one by one.

And, before correction, the cdrom with no source was attached after installation. 
Isn't it enough for Windows? xm block-configure exchange the cdrom when Windows asks for it,
and since the cdrom with no source is positioning like the physics CD device with no media, 
it is not necessary to detach it after use.

I recognize the problem of Windows had been already solved before correction.

Cannot you retrieve to the state before this correction?

Nobuhiro Itou.

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