[et-mgmt-tools] Xen domU + koan

James Fidell james at cloud9.co.uk
Thu Mar 1 09:32:18 UTC 2007

Michael DeHaan wrote:

> koan needs to be ported over to use the same virtinst-devel python
> library that virtguest-install uses, and when that happens, it will be
> capable of doing fullvirt installs (and anything else virtinst can
> install, which can include virtualization technology other than Xen -- I
> believe QEmu is the one virt-manager is supporting now).
> I've wanted to do this earlier -- though I doubt that will happen prior
> to mid March.    Should someone be feeling adventurous, patches would
> definitely be accepted.   If not, I'll get around to it when I can --
> it's next up on the cobbler/koan feature list and should require
> modifications to koan only, not cobbler.   I'm imagining koan will take
> a "--fullvirt" flag in addition to it's "--virt" one it takes now.

I'd love to do this.  Unfortunately I don't yet speak python, so I'm at
a bit of a disadvantage.  Something else to add to my list of things to
do in "my copious free time" :)


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