[et-mgmt-tools] cobbler enchant problem...

John Sanabria John.Sanabria at ece.uprm.edu
Fri Mar 2 21:02:59 UTC 2007

Many thanks, now is working.

happy weekend :-D

> John Sanabria wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i have a functional "cobbler server". Its ip number is
>> With that cobbler server i can create virtual boxes inside 136...114
>> machine. Now, i have another machine and i had install
>> cobbler and koan on it, the /var/lib/cobbler/settings file, i had modify
>> as follows:
>> next_server: ''
>> server: ''
>> Now, when i log as root in 136...114 and run
>> cobbler enchant --virt=yes --address=
>> --profile="xentemplate-profile"
>> enchant failed (koan is missing)
>> any clues about it? is necessary to remote system configure any
>> cobbler/koan tools?
> This one's pretty easy.   Add the full path to the RPM of 'koan' to
> koan_path in /var/lib/cobbler/settings.    You can get the latest noarch
> RPM from et.redhat.com.   (Don't put it in your cobbler web directory,
> just anywhere on the filesystem is fine.   /var/lib/cobbler/koan*.rpm
> would be a good choice).
> Then run "cobbler sync" to make sure cobbler copies the koan RPM to the
> right place.
> Looks like I need to improve that error message some to make that clearer.
> --Michael
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