[et-mgmt-tools] virtualisation tooling - number crunchers

Trevor Carpenter trevor.carpenter at ed.ac.uk
Tue Mar 27 17:41:32 UTC 2007


We have a dell Power edge server running RH 4 ES. It has 4 processors
each with dual cores, 8Gb of ram and 4 146Gb disks (currently raided).
We want to be able to set this up to 'appear' as 4 separate machines
each running a separate instance of RH with a resource of 146Gb disk (or
a quarter of whats left), 2Gb of ram (or a quarter of whats left) and 1
processor each. Ideally I would like them to have there own IP address. 

We want to use them to run console number crunching applications whilst
ensuring that each 'machine' does not take more than it's fair share of
resource. We do not need the X server to be running and will connect via
ssh if appropriate. 

Is the virtualisation tooling described here the way to do this? Or is
there another mechanism available already built into the OS (I worked in
an environment with Solaris 10, this seems as close as I can get to the
containers we used there.). I will happily convert the raid array drives
to Jbod.

I am reading the documentation, and I am not asking for 'sys admin' or
'support', I just want to confirm the Virtual Machine Manager etc is the
correct approach. I can confirm more about the chipset/hardware if

To understand more about what we do please visit:

we are not a commercial organization.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


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