git port (was Re: [et-mgmt-tools] Cobbler bugfix "--repos" parameter on "profile add")

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at
Thu Mar 29 22:22:14 UTC 2007

Michael DeHaan wrote:
> Matt S [UNIX Administrator] wrote:
>> My git clone attempt fails.
>> git clone git://
>> Initialized empty Git repository in /root/cobbler/.git/
>> fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection timed out)
> There is a chance there is a problem on our end, but as this is an 
> external server (even to me), I wouldn't think this would be the case.
> Possibly a firewall is in the way?  The git port is 9418.
> There is a way to pull git content over http:// that is less 
> efficient, though I'm not sure if that is enabled.  I'm checking on it.
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the git:// URLs should work now.   If they don't work for you, let us know.


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